The Latest: San Francisco Heat Breaks Record for Second Day

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco’s transit system is cutting its speed to guard against possible heat-warped rails as the Bay Area breaks heat records for a second day.

The National Weather Service says the temperature in San Francisco reached 94 degrees even before noon Saturday, setting the heat record for Sept. 2. The city reached an all-time high of 106 degrees (41 degrees Celsius) Friday.

Forecasters are predicting more heat records throughout Northern California, with temperatures expected to climb as high as 115 degrees in some places.

Bay Area Rapid Transit spokeswoman Alicia Trost says the rail line was reducing its speed until late Saturday because hot weather can expand and shift metal tracks.

Trost says the rail system also has paramedics and air-conditioner technicians on standby during the heat wave.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says a wildfire burning through mountains just north of downtown is the largest in city history.

Only one home has burned and no one has been injured as the blaze grew to nearly 8 square miles and prompted evacuation orders for more than 600 homes in Los Angeles, Burbank and Glendale.

Heat that has afflicted the Western United States made conditions tough for crews in Los Angeles and beyond.

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