Silly String Initiates Seattle Protesters Getting Pepper Sprayed By Cops Day After Charlottesville


Protesters Pepper Sprayed By Cops

… Silly String Starts It

8/13/2017 3:34 PM PDT

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The pepper spray is already flying in Seattle as protesters have started to clash with police the day after chaos in Charlottesville … and it seems to have been initiated by silly string.

Two rallies got underway in Seattle Sunday — one which was pro-Trump (which also included alt-right members) called “The Freedom Rally” and another anti-Trump one called “Solidarity Against Hate” — which had remained relatively peaceful until moments ago … when one group of protesters shot silly string at cops.

You see the police react by pepper spraying the crowd — most of whom appear to be “Solidarity” protesters. You also see explosions going off in the midst of the clash … although it’s unclear who set them off.

One local reporter claims fireworks were being thrown at police, but TMZ has not confirmed that account. 

This latest melee comes a day after chaos and death in Charlottesville … where one woman was killed after a man allegedly plowed his car into a crowd

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