Police: Man rapes woman, wants to have beer before she calls cops

A Missouri man accused of forcing his way into a woman’s apartment and raping her in front of her child allegedly asked her to hold off on calling the police so he could have a beer.

Russell Burd, 45, was arrested on Oct. 7 and faces multiple charges including kidnapping and rape, WDAF reports.

According to Independence police, the victim said Burd is her upstairs neighbor and he knocked on her door around 4 a.m. saying he needed to talk.

The woman, who was home with her three-year-old son, said Burd appeared to be drunk and upset.

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When Burd got to the woman’s door he allegedly pulled out three pairs of handcuffs and two or three pieces of clothing. The woman said he was hiding the items behind his back.

She told officers she started pushing, hitting and kicking at him but he forced his way inside her apartment, waking up her child.


Police said Russell Burd asked his victim to wait to report the rape so he could have a beer.

(Independence PD)

The victim said Burd fell on top of her and managed to get the cuffs around her wrist. He then allegedly told the woman, “pretend to enjoy this or I will kill you in front of your son.”

After the assault, the woman said Burd asked her to give him “a little time before you contact the cops so I can down a couple beers before I go to jail.” He also told her to tell police to care for his mother’s ashes.

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Burd was arrested a short time later and charged with first-degree sexual abuse, first-degree rape, second-degree burglary and third-degree kidnapping. He’s being held on a $100,000 bond.

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