Oscars 2017 filled with Trump jabs from Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel took the stage for Sunday night’s 89th Academy Awards and jumped right into the political humor.

Specifically, jokes about the President.

“The broadcast is being watched in more than 225 countries that now hate us,” Kimmel quipped.

The late night host said many of his acquaintances had asked him to speak up to say something to unite the country, and adopting a slightly serious note, Kimmel seemed to actually try to do just that.

“I’m not the man to unite this country, but if every person watching this show… took a minute to reach out to someone you disagree with and have a positive conversation, not as liberals or conservatives, but as Americans… we could really make America great again,” he said.


But after poking fun at longtime “rival” Matt Damon, Kimmel started taking some serious jabs at President Trump.

“It’s so easy to reach out and heal. I want to say thank you to President Trump. I mean, remember last year when it seemed like the Oscars were racist? That’s gone thanks to him.”

Kimmel later took things one step further. He asked the crowd to stand for Meryl Streep, who memorably slammed Trump at the Golden Globes. 

He then told the crowd, “Some of you get to come on this stage and make a speech that the President of the United States will tweet about in all caps during his 5 a.m. bowel movement.”

After Kimmel’s opening, Mahershala Ali took home the first award of the night for best supporting actor and thanked his teachers and professors as he teared up during his speech.

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The Trump jokes from Kimmel continued throughout the show as he took the mic in between award announcements.

“Now it’s time for something that is very rare today, a president that believes in both arts and sciences,” Kimmel said before introducing Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs.

He also tweeted at the president at one point, writing #Merylsayshi. 

Meanwhile, Viola Davis won the award for best supporting actress, and, later, “The Salesman” won best foreign language film and a statement was read from director Asghar Farhadi, who did not attend the Oscars and stated he did so due to the “inhumane law that bans entry of immigrants to the U.S.”

“La La Land” won the award for best production design and cinematography. The film was nominated for a total of 14 awards. 


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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