Candace Bushnell says friend liked 'bizarrely sexy' Weinstein

The author of “Sex and the City” says her friend was wooed by Harvey Weinstein’s ways.

Candace Bushnell personally believed Weinstein — who has been accused of sexually harassing or raping more than two dozen women — reminded her of Augustus Gloop from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” but she said in an op-ed for the New York Times that her friend was “enamored” by the famous film producer.

“She was thrilled when Harvey arrived banging on her door at two in the morning. She thought it meant Harvey was crazy about her. All through dinner he’d only paid attention to her and told her how smart she was,” Bushnell said of her unidentified pal.

“She was very beautiful and it was very important to her that people thought she was smart as well,” Bushnell wrote.

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“She fell under Harvey’s sway. She allowed that while he was ‘ugly’ she found Harvey bizarrely ‘sexy.'”

The famous author went on to detail her memories of the disgraced movie producer in the ’90s — particularly recalling his many bad habits, noting he was unavoidable because he was out and about in the city every night.

Harvey Weinstein was reportedly attractive to some — according to “Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell.

Harvey Weinstein was reportedly attractive to some — according to “Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell.

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“He was a rolling ball of outsized bad habits. He smoked cigarette after cigarette, he appeared to consume drink after drink. He was spitting, he was swearing. You had the feeling you didn’t want to piss him off,” Bushnell said, describing how one of his eyes sat lower than the other and that his “flesh was so pockmarked, it appeared as if chewed by a wild beast.”

Bushnell claimed Weinstein purchased her friend’s first Apple computer and forked over $30,000 that she could use to write a screenplay.

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She also said her friend genuinely “believed he wanted her to succeed” — and that was part of the draw.

Her detailed account of her friend’s interactions with Weinstein led her to wonder why he allegedly harassed these women.

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“A lack of pulchritude never stops rich, powerful men form getting consensual sex,” she explained.

“Why harass all those women who don’t want to have sex with you when there are women who do, for whatever bizarre and personal and perhaps desperate reason?” Bushnell continued. “Who are consenting? Whom, one assumes, are occasionally saying, yes? What the f–k more do you want, Harvey?”

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