9 reasons we're thrilled the Nokia 3310 is back

7) Hipsters and technophobes will love it

The beauty of the new Nokia 3310 is that millennials will christen it officially trendy because it would have been one of their first phones, and therefore legitimately vintage. But it also happens to be one of the simplest, most low-tech phones out there, so for anyone of a certain age who finds touch screen smartphones infuriating, it will be perfect. It’s essentially a phone for hipster grannies. 

8) It won’t age in 5 minutes

Remember the tension between people in your year who had a 3410 versus the people with a 3310? These days, kids must have to get a new phone every couple of months in order to stay on top of the latest models. 

The 3310 is a timeless classic, not to be messed with or unnecessarily updated. With any luck, it’ll still be cool in another 17 years.

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